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About Flexible LED Panels

LumaFilm officially began in 2011, with roots in the lighting market reaching back to 2001. As our founders began exploring solid state lighting and LEDs in 2009, they sought ways to create more innovative custom lighting solutions. This is how we came to develop our flexible LED panels known as LumaFilm. This product is a game-changer when it comes to both indoor and outdoor lighting.

With LumaFilm, we created a thin light emitting sheet that is made of a paper-like substrate. This allows the LED panel to be flexible and work with unlimited design possibilities. The way we circuit the LEDs on the panel also uses less energy and allows them to be trimmed without damaging the function of surrounding diodes. LEDs are an efficient means of lighting to begin with, but combined with our technology LumaFilm does not require a heat sink. These light-emitting sheets can be mounted directly on a variety of surfaces and placed a mere 1.5” from a diffuser or overlaying material.

The benefits of LumaFilm and our other products open up creative design possibilities which is attractive to designers, architects, and lighting contractors. The thin and efficient lighting is easily fit into a space in such a way that doesn’t interfere with design or take up much room. Manufacturers are increasingly taking interest as LumaFilm can be an integral part of their product to set it apart from the rest.