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Human Centric Lighting

While in New York City earlier this month I had the opportunity to sit in on a lecture put on by our partners, New York Digital, in NYC. The speakers, Mariana Figueiro, Ph.D., Director Lighting Research Center at RPI and Mark Rea, Ph.D., Director, Lighting Research Center at RPI did a great job of presenting the data behind claims about the impact of light on the human body. With LumaFilm’s form factor of thin, flexible and minimal heat, we are able to provide solutions using our tunable (color temperature changing) and RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) products.

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LightFair 2018 is Over and LumaFilm Continues a History of Innovation

When it comes to differentiating your designs, lighting can either make it or break it. Now, lighting is only limited by your imagination. Every LumaFilm attribute contributes to a unique design element. It allows specifiers to demand LumaFilm without worrying about shapes being too complex, incorrect as-built drawings or lumen output not appearing bright enough. For worry free, distinctive lighting, check these out!

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