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The Innovation of Human-Centric Lighting Rewritten

Lighting plays a key role in the human experience. Research continues to show the impact on human health, overall sense of well-being, comfort, and performance. Lighting designed to leverage this relationship is termed Human-Centric Lighting.

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Tech Tip: Grab a Scissors — How to Resize LumaFilm Sheets in the Field

Have you ever had a field installation when lighting fixtures didn’t fit as planned? Or realized site drawings were incorrect and walls were not square or plumb? With LumaFilm flexible light emitters this no longer creates problems. Completely field trimmable, LumaFilm lighting accommodate simple size adjustments with one simple tool: a common scissors.

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Understanding How RGB Lighting Affects Design

Every day artists and designers utilize the RGBW color model as the basis for creating virtually any color in existence. LumaFilm engineers developed a lighting product adaptable to a variety design concept specifications. Although you may have heard the term, RGBW, you may not know what it is, how it works, or how it is used. Let’s explore to gain understanding into RGB and how it affects lighting design.

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Tech Tip: Installation | How do I Attach LumaFilm to the Ceiling or Wall?

LumaFilm light sheets simplify and speed installation on the job site. Lightweight and thin, simply attach to any surface including metal, wood, concrete or plastic, and then connect to the preprogrammed drivers. No additional bracing, stand offs, insulators or shims are required.

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5 Lighting Techniques That Work in any Building

For most building owners, interior and exterior lighting are a multipurpose feature their business needs. Architectural firms specializing in lighting design understand the two-fold purpose of functionality and style when implementing lighting systems into commercial structures. LumaFilm lighting products from Heilux make the perfect solutions for all types of lighting designs in almost any business setting. Below are five common lighting applications that will work for you.

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