Have you ever had a field installation when lighting fixtures didn’t fit as planned?  Or realized site drawings were incorrect and walls were not square or plumb? With LumaFilm flexible light emitters this no longer creates problems.  Completely field trimmable, LumaFilm lighting accommodate simple size adjustments with one simple tool: a common scissors.

LumaFilm’s unique circuit design allows installers to trim the 12”x24” product in either direction and cut strips to length. 

Follow these simple guidelines when trimming LumaFilm lighting sheets:

●      Cut at least ¼” from any LED or mounted component.

●      Look for 2 bus bars running along the 24” sheet edge carrying low voltage power to the circuit. Ensure trimming retains each bus bar for the remaining length.

●      Do not bend, crease, or puncture the sheet.

●      Avoid cutting wiring included with the factory assembled panel. 

●      Removing a few LEDs, or consistently trimming all supplied panels generally has minimal impact.  Removing many rows or entire sheets from panels may impact drivers.  Our technical support staff can provide guidance to ensure consistent lighting across the entire field.

It is simple, and we are here to help!  Prior to trimming please read the installation guide for more information and contact LumaFilm technical support at: 1-952-944-9859.