LumaFilm provides light emitters preassembled for your installation.  This  assembly and electrical leads utilize IDC style connectors for all wires.  Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC), sometimes referred to as IPC (Insulation Piercing Connector), are designed to make an electrical connection by displacing, or piercing,  the insulation to directly connect the circuit to the wire. 





IDCs - How Do They Work?

Made from a conductive material, IDCs consist of a U-shaped channel, with the interior portion of the channel sharp enough to pierce the wire insulation.  With a generally sloped lead in, the operator presses the wire down into the channel with a special tool bit, creating a force to pierce the insulation and compress the internal conductor, making an electrical connection and holding the wire in place. Lumafilm light emitters arrive at the job site with all wiring installed to panels to speed installation.







IDC Connectors – Why Does LumaFilm Use Them?

IDCs create reliable wiring connections.  IDCs are cost effective because they eliminate the need to strip wire ends and additional cost of inserting wire into separate connector housings before connecting to the circuit.  IDCs also enable simple field repairs.  Should a wire detach from an IDC, simply press the wire back into the IDC channel with the correct tool bit, in a different location along the wire length to avoid a previous wire piercing.