Implementing unique, large-scale LED lighting elements requires creativity, planning, and collaboration. Creative lighting designers have a vision for transforming space. Architects create plans to document the design aspects of the vision while lighting contractors plan the project to execute a safe installation. Effective lighting reps understand their critical role in this collaboration of vision, design, and installation involving multiple companies and products. While standard, commodity troffers, can lights, and fixtures are plug and play solutions, lighting elements that truly “light up a space” take additional consideration to ensure success.


Early Involvement to Help Create the Vision

Designers enjoy being noticed and displaying their creativity; learning about new products helps attain a new level of creativity. The key to enabling this creativity is proposing the right options. But to propose the right options we much first understand their goals and constraints. Developing relationships and creating open conversations, listening to hear key challenges and understanding frustrations provides insight to revealing the opportunities available. Anyone can spec a troffer, but truly noticeable solutions require knowledge of possibilities.


Leverage Understanding to Design a Solution

Those that create visionary lighting ideas have a creativity many admire, but those who can translate a vision found on a sketch to a finale, executable design possess a skill necessary to have a “light up a space” design. While sometimes not as glamorous, implementing the technical aspects of a new, unique LED lighting solution requires a solid understanding of options and their capabilities. In addition, understanding each solution’s capabilities, how they can integrate and work together enable new combinations for new, never before LED designs.


Drive Collaboration for Success

Ultimate success depends on collaboration to achieve something new, unique and noticeable. Bringing together diffusors, frames, LED lighting, and power supplies, with different materials like stone, glass, and natural fibers means driving collaboration between suppliers. Bringing together these different experts to discuss individual capabilities and working to solve problems help create the detailed design to transform a vision or a sketch into a workable plan and design.


Ultimately it takes a team to create a new and unique LED lighting solution. LumaFilm’s team of engineers enjoys these conversations and solving problem. Check out to see the “light up a space” designs we help create. Thin, flexible LumaFilm LED emitters, with consistent, diffuse light solve problems. What challenge does your customer need to solve today before creating another unique “light up a space” design with LumaFilm?