When it comes to differentiating your designs, lighting can either make it or break it. Now, lighting is only limited by your imagination. Every LumaFilm attribute contributes to a unique design element. It allows specifiers to demand LumaFilm without worrying about shapes being too complex, incorrect as-built drawings or lumen output not appearing bright enough. For worry free, distinctive lighting, check these out!


Squares Are Easy, Unique Shapes are More Fun

LumaFilm’s technology allows our circuits to be trimmed in both directions. This enables our U.S. based team to customize your LumaFilm panels into many different shapes. Your circles, ovals, triangles and even trapezoids can make an impact on your space. No need to cobble your shape in the field. We can deliver a complete panel directly to the jobsite. Elevate your space’s appeal, and create an environment worth remembering.


No More Calls About Incorrect “As-Built” Drawings

When renovating existing buildings, have you ever received a call from the contractor complaining the as-built drawings are incorrect? You can specify LumaFilm without worrying about a call from the lighting installer. Since LumaFilm is field cuttable, installers can trim away from unexpected obstacles. Our sheets are so flexible you can even cut a hole right in the center of it!


Select the Perfect Light Output

With a growing selection of options available as technology changes, businesses can succeed in creating an original design and ambiance using light. You now have the flexibility to select any range of lumen output. Because we use programmable drivers, the very same sheet of LumaFilm can have an output as low as 50 lumens per square foot to as bright as 5,000 lumens per square foot. This allows you to specify LumaFilm with confidence that if you or the owner believes the space is not bright enough, all you need to do is adjust the drivers. No need for additional sheets or costly redesigns.


Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to light a space or you want to make a dramatic statement, LumaFilm products can help fulfill your design dreams without the worry of changes throughout the design and construction phases. Contact our team today to learn more and see what our lighting can do for you!