LumaFilm expands your creativity to a world of endless possibilities in architectural lighting design. Since LumaFilm doesn’t emit heat, it brings the lighting closer to surfaces, decreasing the space needed for backlighting. It’s evenly diffused light works with any type of diffuser and minimizes the space needed for even lighting. The only question is, what do you want to do with it? Below are three of our favorite ideas for using LumaFilm products.


Frame it!

Everything looks better when set inside a clean, sharp frame. LumaFrame utilizes the same technology as the LumaFilm giving you more options. With a sleek, easy to assembly aluminum frame mount a stretched fabric diffuser, LumaFrame creates a one-stop shop for creating a dramatic backlit wall graphic. LumaFrame allows you to create faux skylights or exterior window views. Choose a printed fabric to highlight a company logo or product feature. LumaFrame allows you to visually create stunning features on walls and ceilings.


Look Up!

LumaFilm lights are as functional as they are decorative. Translation: they provide adequate ceiling light in any direction no matter how large the room is, while allowing architects and designs to be creative. For ceiling designs, don’t settle for standard cans and troffers. Specify LumaFilm for illuminated ceilings or dramatic shapes to enhance the space and provide illumination. LumaFilm allows creative designs for entrances, atriums, and conference spaces that move past the ordinary.


Display It!

LumaFilm, with its thin design and even lighting, is ideal for display cases, museum displays, and art exhibitions. Mount LumiFilm to the top of a case and bath featured products from its many points of light with a color temperature to your specification. Because LumaFilm doesn’t generate heat like traditional lighting, it can be placed near sensitive art or museum pieces.


What is Your Next Lighting Concept?

If you are looking for a truly remarkable lighting product to enhance or display your next creation, LumaFilm can help you accomplish any idea you have in mind. Our team of engineers can help you with your next project, from start to finish. Contact us today at 952-944-9859 or Together, we can change the shape of lighting.