LED lighting systems require drivers to convert electrical system high voltage AC power to low voltage DC power. Driver designs are constant current or constant voltage. LumaFilm lighting products leverage the advantages of constant current drivers to provide customers consistent, even lighting that is efficient and easy to install.


Consistent, Even Light

In LEDs, more current means more light, and inconsistent current means inconsistent light. Unlike other options requiring the tedious task of installing many small pieces in the field for an unpredictable load, LumaFilm provides large panels, optimized to any shape for your design. These panels are key for LumaFilm to leverage constant current drivers which adjust voltage and keep current constant for consistent, even lighting.


Greater Efficiency

LEDs generate some heat. More heat causes LEDs to draw more current, which generates more heat, creating a never-ending loop. This thermal runaway can shorten LED life or failure. Systems using constant voltage drivers must add current limiting components such as resistors to prevent thermal runaway. These additional components can lower overall system efficiency.


Simplified Installation – Remote Driver Location

Space constraints or designer’s vision generally require driver installation away from LED panels. Remote, clustered drivers also facilitate many dimming and control schemes. However, variable wiring distance can cause a voltage drop, causing light output to vary or decrease. Constant current drivers compensate for voltage drop, maintaining correct current to light panels.


Simplified Installation – Field Trimming and Adjustments

Programmable, constant current drivers used with LumaFilm’s matrix circuit enable modifications of light panels in the field. For example, LumaFilm panels automatically compensate for cutting a hole to accommodate a sprinkler head. Edge trimming a few inches to adjust for out of square walls also requires no driver adjustment.


LumaFilm and Constant Current Drivers

LumaFilm provides large panels optimized for your installation which enables the use of constant current drivers. These panels, with LumaFilm’s unique circuit, leverage the advantages of constant current drivers to provide consistent, efficient lighting that is simple to install, field trimmable and provides a lower overall cost.