Lighting manufacturers commonly provide IP, or Ingress Protection ratings for light fixtures, for example “IP65.” IP stands for “Ingress Protection” and provides an indication of an electrical device’s ability to protect electronics inside an enclosure from water and solids. This device could be a light, electrical box or your smartphone. IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) develops these tests and establishes a rating system.

These tests subject a housing or enclosure to water and dirt from different angles and pressures. With specific test standards rating products, users can compare performance more accurately than vague claims of “water resistant” or “water proof.”

IP ratings provide two numbers.

●        The first provides an indication of the enclosure’s resistance to solids, with 6 a common rating meaning “dust tight.”

●        The second number indicates water resistance:

o        5 – protection against low pressure water jets.

o        6 – protection against high pressure water jets.

o        7 or 8 – immersion, with 7 being temporary

Unlike traditional light fixtures, LumaFilm flexible light emitters have no enclosure. However, our robust product passes IP65 testing.