LumaFilm light sheets simplify and speed installation on the job site. Lightweight and thin, simply attach to any surface including metal, wood, concrete or plastic, and then connect to the preprogrammed drivers. No additional bracing, stand offs, insulators or shims are required.

LumaFilm lighting products arrive at the job site tiled together in large panels, optimized for the space by LumaFilm engineers. Consider the cost of hired, onsite labor assembling 5 to 10 times the number of individual smaller sheets when evaluating total costs of competitive flexible lighting products.

We recommend attaching LumaFilm with mechanical fasteners for rough surfaces. Simply use No. 6 fasteners through existing mounting holes or through carefully drilled holes in non-conducting areas identified by cross hatched areas. We recommend using nylon washers with fasteners to ensure fastener heads don’t damage sheets during installation.

For smooth surfaces, we recommend 3M 467MP adhesive tape on metal, plastic and painted surfaces or 3M VHB592 adhesive foam tape on rough surfaces.

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