Every day artists and designers utilize the RGBW color model as the basis for creating virtually any color in existence. LumaFilm engineers developed a lighting product adaptable to a variety design concept specifications. Although you may have heard the term, RGBW, you may not know what it is, how it works, or how it is used. Let’s explore to gain understanding into RGB and how it affects lighting design.


What is RGB? What is RGBW?

In the design world, RGB simply stands for Red, Green, and Blue. This model mixes these three colors to create limitless variations of color shades and tones. RGBW means the product also incorporates a White color option. To create LumaFilm’s RGBW product, LumaFilm engineers created a flexible light emitter embedded with RGB and White LEDs on a multilayer, matrixed circuit to provide endless color options that when combined with controls such as DMX can change to create never ending and dynamically hanging color schemes.


What Can We Do with the RGBW product?

RGBW product puts an endless color palette in the hands of the designer both at installation and in the future. The product can provide static lighting that can change as needed, or provide dynamic lighting that constantly changes. With multiple LEDs and the ability to mix the colors, RGBW provides flexibility to tune the lighting scheme as needed based on unforeseen changes in the building’s design, color scheme or relationship with other lighting elements. Consider the possibilities:


●        Create a lighting element that provides bright white illumination during the day and then transforms the color of a space at night

●        Provide a lighting scheme that a building owner can change based on the holidays, sporting events, or the seasons.

●        Backlight simple signs that can minimize the amount of printing or artwork by using the backlighting to match changing brands’ color scheme.

●        Lighting installation in an area that is hard to modify or change? Enable future changes and flexibility with an RGBW solution that allows modification via controls rather than physically changing a diffusor or backlighting

●        Produce a lighting solution for theatrical productions- consider the unique options created with a backlit proscenium or throughout a theater.


Partner with LumaFilm For Unique Colored Lighting

LumaFilm engineers developed the most innovative and eye-catching lighting concepts on the market. With LumaFilm RGBW lighting, there are no limits to what you can do! So, how far can your imagination go? To find out more about LumaFilm RGBW products, contact us today at 952-944-9859, or info@LumaFilmLED.com.