The History of LumaFilm

LumaFilm History


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Our History

LumaFilm was born from the pursuit of innovations in lighting creativity and functionality.

In 2001, a group of common investors started a family of lighting companies and began exploring new ways to produce more efficient light. Starting out with electroluminescent lighting, or EL, the founders eventually moved on to solid state lighting and LEDs in 2009 which led to their formation of LumaFilm, LLC in 2011. Since its beginning, the team at LumaFilm has been working to provide creative lighting solutions and has succeeded in developing an unprecedented LED panel technology.

LED Panels
LumaFilm is a pioneer when it comes to flexible LED panels. Typically LED lighting technology is built in chip-on-board format, varying from tiny circuit boards used in LED light bulbs, to larger panels such as light bars in commercial or residential spaces. Not only is this option limiting for creativity, but often this type of LED lighting brings about substantial thermal problems which can only be solved at a cost by bulky, heavy heat sinks. Most LED panels are not adaptable for needs of design or efficiency, which got us thinking.

Our Take
Our unique LumaFilm® technology is highly innovative, allowing for creative custom lighting like never before! LumaFilm uses flexible circuit board substrate, which enables the sheets to be used for a wide variety of shapes and designs. The flexible paper-like board is manufactured with proprietary techniques that help cost low. Optimizing the spacing of low-power LEDs results in even, blended lighting as one bulb’s light overlaps that of its neighbor. This also means the LumaFilm significantly reduces thermal challenges and does not require a heat sink. Our sheet lighting is also very energy efficient because of the way we circuit each diode two ways. The quantity and arrangement of the bulbs can be customized to affect the level of lumen output. Colored LEDs can add an extra facet of creative potential!

All of these factors make LumaFilm unlike any other custom lighting LED panel technology. The versatility of LumaFilm makes it great for indoor or outdoor lighting, as well as specialized designs. Whether wrapping a counter in backlit frosted glass, creating a custom fixture for a space, or finding a way to more efficiently light an ad, LumaFilm possibilities are nearly endless!

As a company, we at LumaFilm take pride in being dependable and delivering high quality of service with to match the quality of our products. Our team has a great depth of experience working in the lighting market and we use that experience to benefit our clients and partners.