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Good design is obvious. great design is transparent.

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With LumaFilm, you can simply light your space in a creative and efficient way, or you can add unique lighting that makes a bold design statement. Create a stunning backlit countertop or backsplash for your commercial or residential kitchen. Take an accent wall to the next level in the entry of your home or office. Make overhead or awning lighting that’s more interesting and efficient. There are many benefits to using our flexible LED panels in your space.

LumaFilm does not require a heat sink. This is one of the greatest advantages to lighting with LumaFilm. The sheets can be mounted directly onto a surface without concern for thermal issues. The way we arrange the LEDs on the panel allows heat from each diode to dissipate easily, so that overall thermal generation is extremely minimal. This also makes it possible to place a diffuser as close at 1.5” from the LumaFilm.

LumaFilm panels take LED efficiency to the next level. Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are already a highly-efficient means of lighting. The way we use them increases efficiency thus reducing carbon footprint. We circuit each diode cross-wise, allowing a constant current of electricity to reach the LEDs. Reducing energy consumption is just another perk of lighting with LumaFilm!

LumaFilm is set apart not only by its efficiency but its adaptability. Sheets are circuited such that they can be trimmed prior to installation to fit a narrow or unique space. LumaFilm is also built on a flexible paper-like substrate as opposed to the traditional LED panel which often uses a rigid circuit board. This allows designers endless possibilities when creating original lighting. Sheets are also designed to be wired easily together for tiling into larger spaces which enables you to cover an entire wall or ceiling in light. We can also work with you to achieve a dimming effect or use colored LEDs.

The ingenuity, efficiency, and adaptability of this lighting make it a designer’s dream. LumaFilm could provide just what your space needs to be well-lit and set apart in style.