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Flexible LED Lighting Products


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When we got into the lighting market with LumaFilm, we were thinking outside the box and striving to find ways to do lighting different. As we explored LED lighting products, our journey led us to develop a flexible LED panel we call LumaFilm. LumaFilm is a game changer in that it is not only flexible to form different designs, but because of its very low heat generation it doesn’t require a heat sink. This makes it the perfect lighting design solution! This technology has been used in a variety of ways and takes the form of a few products specially offered by LumaFilm.

Static White
These flexible paper-like substrate panels are covered in LED lights and make for the ultimate in creative lighting designs! Fit your lighting into a small space without worrying about resulting thermal issues. Wrap or ribbon the light-emitter sheets for lighting that adds something above average to your space and design. Work with LumaFilm to achieve desired color effects, amount of luminescence, or sizing. Take lighting from a necessity in your space to the element that sets it apart.

Using the same technology that we developed in LumaFilm, we can work with you to create custom lighting frames. These frames can be used to backlight or simply highlight anything from a logo to a work of art. Because it uses our specialized technology, LumaFrame is also highly-efficient and won’t hinder your design creativity. Don’t just think outside the box, frame it in light!

Overhead lights in an office or kitchen aren’t limited to looking boring or stale. Our LumaCeiling technology also utilizes LumaFilm, allowing for more creative overhead lighting designs that won’t break the bank or cause unwanted thermal issues. Plus LEDs are made to last, so you won’t have to worry about constantly changing or updating your lights.

Our Innovative Technology
We designed our flexible panels and other LED products to work with creativity not against it, while also maintaining functionality and efficiency. This is what makes our products stand out among the rest. Smart use of LED technology has allowed us to make our LumaFilm, LumaFrame, and LumaCeiling products produce very minimal levels of heat and utilize less energy. On top of those functional features, the ability for ultra-creative design with colors, dimming, trimming, and tiling make our products the best choice for style and practicality.