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What’s Your Mood?

LumaFilm’s Dynamic White provides a flexible lighting solution designers can tune to a desired color temperature with all the advantages of our standard lighting sheets. From warm 2700K to cool 5000K, the adjustable Dynamic White lighting sheets provide the right color temperature to establish mood, mimic sunlight throughout the day, or adjust to specific task requirements.

Studies continue to highlight the advantages lighting brings to human health and productivity, and LumaFilm’s Dynamic White delivers these benefits. The thin, flexible light sheet are easily adapted to undercabinet applications or space conscious modular office structures to provide adjustable, Human Centric Lighting. The low power, LED solution with no heat sink allows installation into confined spaces providing healthy lighting at a lower cost. Dynamic White light sheets are also perfectly suited for skylight and window backlighting to imitate early morning to evening sunlight.

Dynamic White brings healthy lighting and flexibility to retail applications, educational buildings, medical and healthcare facilities, interior corporate spaces, places of worship, or any application concerned with the impact of lighting on mood, health and productivity.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully Customizable – Dynamic White sheets can be cut in both directions and arrive at your job site tiled together to your shape, allowing for simple installation and field trimming. Customize LumaFilm lighting sheets in any shape, size or color temperature.
  • Flexible – LumaFilm lighting sheets allow installation over curved or flat surfaces, creating innovative, unique lighting not possible with traditional flat fixtures.
  • Thin – Dramatic light output from a thin sheet enables LumaFilm installations in narrow, constrained spaces without hot/dark spots.
  • Low Heat – Unique circuit design eliminates the need for a heat sink allowing installation directly onto almost any surface from drywall to concrete.
  • Simple Field Installation – Trim LumaFilm sheets in both directions to accommodate sprinkler heads, outlets or minor incorrect measurements. Attach to walls or frames with screws, staples or adhesive tape. Large shapes come preassembled from the factory for ease of install.
  • UL/cUL Listed and LM79 Tested – Tested and reviewed, LumaFilm lighting is ready for installations with your most demanding customers.
  • Interior and Exterior – LumaFilm is rated for dry and damp locations with successful interior and exterior installations.
  • Power Source Options – LumaFilm provides flexibility, using off-the shelf dimming and non-dimming programmable constant current drivers.
  • Energy Efficient – High performance LumaFilm low voltage lighting saves energy and reduces carbon emissions resulting in a short payback period.
  • Durable – Proven to withstand harsh applications and usage for long life and dependable service.

Read our white paper on how Human Centric Lighting Enhances Human Health

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