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OEM Lighting

LumaFilm was born from ingenuity and is made for it. Our flexible LED panels are not limited by much, certainly not to use by architects or interior designers. Heilux is proud to partner with original equipment manufacturers to utilize LumaFilm as a featured component of their products. Make your product stand out with the brilliant illumination of LumaFilm!

What are the benefits of LumaFilm?
Our flexible LED panels are unlike anything else available on the lighting market. There are several factors that make LumaFilm unique:

  • Thin and Flexible
  • Low Thermal Output
  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Energy Efficient
  • Design Friendly

Thin and Flexible
Create lighting designs like never before by shaping panels or fit them into a narrow space. Characteristics that are unique to this innovative LED lighting nearly eliminate space constraints altogether! The panels use a special PET film that’s sturdy and durable, yet allows the flexibility you need to make it a part of your product.

Low Thermal Output
These light emitting sheets are engineered to generate a very minimal amount of heat. The way the LEDs are arranged and circuited on the panel allows each diode’s heat to dissipate instead of compounding on that of its neighbor. With such a low level of thermal output, LumaFilm can be installed without a heat sink and up to 1.5” away from most diffusers. This makes it an excellent lighting choice for original equipment!

Adjustable Sizing
We designed LumaFilm emitters in such a way that they can be trimmed on-site prior to installation. If your product design has a small space or a specific shape, the panel can be adjusted to fit your needs. Circuits cross each diode both ways, so panels can be cut in either direction without disturbing the functionality of the LEDs.

Energy Efficient
LED lighting is a highly efficient choice for your space. LumaFilm panels don’t require much energy to power the LEDs because of the way we arrange the circuits. We are also able to provide a limited warranty upto five years because you can expect the diodes to last! These features make LumaFilm a top choice for an environmentally-friendly product.

We would be proud to help your product stand out with the aid of LumaFilm. Contact Heilux to learn more today about how we champion OEM lighting.