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Perforated White

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Perforated White

LumaFilm’s Perforated White option removes 30% of the surface from the standard Static White sheets to create a unique, open panel design allowing sound or air to pass through. When mounted to sound absorbing or deadening materials, LumaFilm’s Perforated White option eliminates sound reflection, so lighting and sound elements can combine, rather than compete for surface area on walls, ceilings, or as part of stage lighting and sound strategies.

The open design also creates unique opportunities to install lighting in spaces without restricting airflow.

With the same light output and specifications of our standard 12” x 24”LumaFilm Static White sheets, Perforated White product provides dramatic lighting options and the flexibility to solve unique lighting challenges. Consider a luminous stretched ceiling design with a nano-perforated membrane or attached to fiberglass and foam panels to address lighting and sound challenges.

For technical and performance specifications, refer to the Static White specification sheet. Contact factory for pricing and availability.