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Made in the USA

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Using RGBW LumaFilm in your space could be the very thing that makes it stand out. That’s the beauty of LumaFilm! You don’t have to spare design for functionality or vice versa. On the contrary, it could even open up your design possibilities! The way we’ve built these flexible LED panels, they generate such a low level of heat compared to other kinds of lights. That means our lighting doesn’t require a heat sink. Panels can be affixed directly to a surface and only need to be 1.5” from the diffuser. The combination of the LEDs and the way we circuit them to utilize less energy means LumaFilm is not only a colorful design piece, but also an environmentally-friendly one.

  • IP65 is our Standard
  • Factory Tile and Trimming Only
  • Made in USA
  • Thin, Flexible and Very low Heat
  • Factory Assisted Installation and Commissioning on your job site available.
  • Download Cutsheet - Click Here
  • For more information email quotes@heilux.com