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Static White

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Static White

LumaFilm worked to develop our innovative LumaFilm lighting that can be adapted to a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. While most LED panels are fabricated on fiberboard or even metal, LumaFilm moved to using a different substrate resulting in a flexible LED panel. The benefits and versatility of LumaFilm go beyond its flexibility to efficiency and creativity.

Highlights of LumaFilm:

  • No heatsink. These lights produce minimal thermal output, great for thin spaces.
  • Flexible, durable panels. LumaFilm consists of LEDs circuited on a sturdy panel of PET film.
  • Modifiable. Can be cut smaller or connected in tiling, whatever your design requires.
  • Efficient. Not only by fitting into unique configurations, but LEDs are highly-efficient lighting.

Thermally Unprecedented
LumaFilm is also intelligently designed to require no heat sink. A major issue facing lighting is typically the thermal output of the bulbs. LumaFilm’s LEDs are circuited on a sheet such that they only generate minimal heat, allowing them to be placed directly on surfaces and as close as 1.5” from diffusers. This thin lighting is unlike anything before with low thermal output and small LEDs, it’s now possible to light spaces even more creatively and efficiently than ever before.

Flexibility, Durability
The light-emitting diodes or LEDs are arranged and circuited on PolyEthylene Terephthalate film, or PET film, which is UL approved. Even the diodes themselves are highly durable. Hence it has flexibility and durability which makes it easy to wrap or to use as ribbon-style lighting, as well as easy to ship without worrying about damage.

Not only can the LumaFilm emitters be wrapped for creative architectural lighting designs, the circuitry is specially made so that sheets can be cut with a regular pair of scissors. Trim a sheet to fit the space, or connect multiple sheets to fill a large area. Circuits can also be custom designed to fit needs, and after installation output can be dimmed as desired.

Our LumaFilm panels are high-performing, to creatively light space while saving on energy and reducing carbon emissions. LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are a highly-efficient means of lighting, with LumaFilm panels typically seeing 130 lumens per watt. For comparison, standard incandescent bulbs have efficacy of about 16 lumens per watt. Plus, the way we arrange the diodes allows overlap from one to its neighbor, creating an even blending of light.

Our multifaceted LumaFilm is unparalleled in its adaptability for creative architectural lighting designs. Contact us to begin working with our team to create lighting you’ve only imagined.