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Architectural Lighting Specifiers

Our products have been engineered with the freedom to design in mind. The architectural lighting possibilities are endless with our LumaFilm technology. We’ve made it modifiable in a variety of ways and reduced the issues normally faced with LED lighting. At LumaFilm we also pride ourselves on working with our customers to achieve their vision, so whatever your flexible LED lighting specifications may be, we’ll help you make them a reality.

We will work with electrical engineers and lighting contractors to develop our products exactly to their specifications. LumaFilm has characteristics that make it highly adaptable to work within your design parameters.

What makes LumaFilm so adaptable?

  • Thermally Engineered
  • Customizable
  • Efficient

Thermally Engineered
One feature that truly sets LumaFilm apart is its low thermal output which eliminates the need for a heat sink. LumaFilm’s LEDs are arranged in such a way that the very minimal heat produced by each diode can easily dissipate. Thus these flexible LED panels can be mounted directly on a surface and up to 1.5” from most diffusers.

One of the most defining qualities of LumaFilm is its adaptability. In comparison to other LED products on the market, LumaFilm puts the power in your hands with cuttable LED panels.The circuitry on each sheet is run in such a way that each diode is still connected to power. If trimming isn’t necessary for your use, they also tile easily together with wiring and splicing tape for a seamless luminescence in a large space. We can also create custom designed circuiting to allow you to determine lumen output, dimming, and colors.

Not only is LumaFilm a great option for making your design in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of reducing the carbon footprint of a space! A main benefit of utilizing LEDs is the efficacy over their lifetime. Combine that efficiency with our technology’s low thermal output and flexibility, and the design possibilities are boundless!

Get in touch with a member of the LumaFilm team today to begin creating the flexible LED panel your design needs!