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Architects, Lighting Designers & Electrical Engineers


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Architects, Lighting Designers & Electrical Engineers

We created our flexible LED lighting solutions with architects, electrical engineers, and lighting contractors in mind. Our LumaFilm is designed such that it won’t inhibit your design ideas while meeting desired functionality. It’s also easy to install, which can save your project time and money.

LumaFilm’s Benefits
Our flexible LED panels are unlike anything else available on the lighting market. There are several factors that make LumaFilm unique:

  • Thin and Flexible
  • Easily Installed
  • Low Thermal Output
  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Energy Efficient
  • Design Friendly

Thin and Flexible
Dodge space constraints with this innovative LED lighting that’s thin and flexible yet durable. For the LumaFilm panel, we use a special PET film that is sturdy yet allows the flexibility you need for your design. Overlays or diffusers can be as close as 1.5” to the panel. You can create rounded or curved lighting designs like never before, or fit lighting into a small space.

LumaFilm is made easy to install for any electrician and can even be customized on-site. A sheet can be secured to the desired surface using double sided tape or mechanical fasteners, or a combination. Multiple sheets can be tiled together to cover a larger surface area. If necessary, sheets can be altered to fit the desired space.

Low Thermal Output
Our light emitting sheets utilize LEDs that generate a very minimal amount of heat. The way they’re arranged and circuited on the panel allows that small amount to dissipate. With such a low level of thermal output, our LumaFilm can be installed without a heat sink and up to 1.5” away from the diffuser.

Adjustable Sizing
LumaFilm emitters are created in such a way that they can be trimmed on-site as a step of installation. So if your design incorporates a specific small luminaire or space, you can adjust the panel to fit your needs. Diodes are arranged with circuits crossing both ways, so sheets can be cut in either direction.

Energy Efficient
LED lighting is a highly efficient choice for your space. Because of the way we arrange the circuits, LumaFilm panels don’t require much energy to power the LEDs. And we provide a limited warranty upto five years because you can expect the diodes to last! A great choice for a design focused on reducing carbon emissions.