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Governments, Schools & Universities

Lighting is no longer limited to just being a necessary feature in design and architecture. For spaces such as a university or a stadium, LumaFilm can be an integral piece of a stunning and unique design. It’s versatility makes it functional both indoors and outdoors, and good options for small or large spaces. You can overlay any number of materials as a diffuser for LumaFilm, making stand-out creative possibilities endless!

Choosing LumaFilm to light your space or aid your design has many benefits:

  • Thermally Unprecedented
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easily Installed
  • Customizable

Thermally Unprecedented
The special layout and circuiting of the LEDs on LumaFilm set it apart from other LED panel lighting. Each LED is spaced far enough from its neighbor to not only ensure even distribution of light, but to allow the minimal heat they produce to dissipate. LumaFilm also does not require a heat sink due to its very low heat generation. Sheets will also continue to function in dry or damp conditions without risking additional thermal issues. LumaFilm’s low thermal output makes it a great option for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Environmentally Friendly
LumaFilm is not just a friend to creativity, but it also utilizes less energy due to its ingenuity in circuiting. The LEDs are circuited crosswise which enables a constant current to flow, reducing the amount of energy required. This is not only highly-efficient which helps save on energy costs, but it can reduce the carbon footprint of a building or space. For a sustainable choice in lighting solutions, LumaFilm is unbeatable.

Easily Installed
With no requirement for a heat sink and our innovative circuit layout, LumaFilm is easy to install. The sheets can be affixed directly to almost any surface using double-sided tape or screws with nylon fasteners. LumaFilm can also be tiled to cover a larger space by wiring panels together. Because the LEDs are wired both horizontally and vertically, panels can also be trimmed to fit a space at installation.

Aside from being able to trim or tile LumaFilm to fit your space, Heilux will work with you to design panels that meet your specifications. For instance an awning with a backlit colored glow could, we can install colored LEDs with red, green, or blue. These colors can also be diluted with white LEDs and computer programmed to display in a patterned rotation. Maybe you’re looking for something more traditional but you would like the lighting to be dimmable, LumaFilm can also be adapted for that.

Our technology makes endless lighting solutions possible for government, school, or university spaces.